PGFire- Episode 0000 – Wearing the Flag of My Oppresors Day

Frogs and Fish are becoming Gay! – Infowars

Meet the “modern-day president”: Donald Trump may have degraded the dignity of the office beyond repair

The Drug Crisis Is Pushing Nearly Half A Million Kids Into Foster Care

A Single Wiretap Intercepted 3 Million Calls Last Year — And It Absolutely Concerns You[/embed

How Your Brain Is Getting Hacked: Facebook, Tinder, Slot Machines | Tristan Harris

BLM wins Peace Price? Rebel Media

We Only Have Three Years to Save the Planet-  Corbett Report

Youtube Star Stevie Ryan Dies By Suicide At 33 – US News

Police Shoot and Kill Man Trying to Steal Helicopter – AP

44 Magnum & 454 Casull vs Ballistics Gel – Kentucky Ballistics

How an Inadvertant Display of a Gun Protected Gun Rights – Kent for Liberty[/embed

Google Plans to Build Its Own Mini City- Engadget Today

Doggy donors save lives at canine blood bank – ODN

Airport Sign Insulting to Cows?

What to the Dissident is the Fourth of July? Libertarian Institute

What to the Dissident is the Fourth of July? | The Libertarian Institute

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