11 Year Old Kills Charging Bear with Shotgun – Video

Wow. This kid was trained well. Also, what kind of shotgun did he use? Might want one now.

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An 11-year-old boy armed with a shotgun took down a brown bear charging at him and his family during a fishing trip in southeast Alaska last month.

Elliot Clark and his uncle Craig Stoltzfus, along with his grandfather, a cousin and three dogs, were walking through the woods near Game Creek in Port Frederick located several miles south of Hoonah when the incident took place. The group was making their way to a nearby fishing hole. Elliot and his uncle were both armed when the brown bear came running at them.

“There was four of them in a line … my son was third,” Clark’s father Lucas—who was in Washington state during the attack—told the Juneau Empire. “The bear came down the trail at them, fella in the front, who was his uncle, the bear was on him so quickly that he didn’t have time to take his rifle off his shoulder.”

The brown bear knocked over the two men in the fishing party, leaving Elliot in front of his unarmed cousin. That’s when Elliot raised his pump-action shotgun and opened fire.

“His first shot was a light load of birdshot. That first shot hit him in the shoulder and did absolutely nothing. The next shot hit him in the nose and traveled down through the neck,” Lucas Clark said.

Elliot’s third shot went into the bear’s shoulder and neck, causing it to fall to the ground. By that time, the bear was so close that there were powder burns on its mouth, the Juneau Empire reported.

The bear was still alive at this point and slid by Elliot’s feet. At that point, he shot and killed it with another round.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaZ


VIDEO: 11-Year-Old Boy Uses Shotgun to Kill Charging Brown Bear in Alaska

Elliot Clark used a shotgun to save his family from a charging brown bear in the woods near Hoonah, Alaska last month.

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