NewsTicker Headlines – April 17th, 2018

Luxury tiny house sleeps up to four people off-the-grid
Facebook, Inc. (FB) “Death Cross” Making Market Technicians Nervous
Robot bees on Mars — NASA funding a swarm of drones to explore the Red Planet
Using Nanoporous Graphene for Smart Filters and Sensors
Senate to Take up School Spanking Bill
House Bill Targets Money Laundering by Human Traffickers
‘None of us will have any privacy anymore’: Senator wants Facebook regulation after meeting with Zuckerberg
Britain braces for possible Russian retaliation over Syria strikes
Chinese, US governments to face off in SCOTUS trade skirmish
US Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal of Maine abortion protester
Antifa Group Calls for ‘Revolutionary Violence’ Against Black Sociology Professor
Starbucks CEO in Philadelphia as protests resume at Center City Starbucks where two black men were arrested
One-fifth of all ambassadors to UN currently in Israel
John Bolton wanted a massive bombing raid in Syria. Trump said no.
A ‘secret war’ between Turkey and Greece just turned deadly after a long history of dogfights over the Aegean Sea
China just conducted its biggest-ever display of naval power
Kurds pursue diplomatic avenues to end ‘occupation’ of Afrin
US Secretary of State Designate slams Turkey for assault on Afrin, hails Kurdish partners fighting Islamic State
Israel can deal with Russian supply of S-300 missiles to Syria
I Lived Exclusively Off Doomsday Prepper Food for a Week
Sootch00 Moves to Digital Home to Shooting Sports Enthusiasts
Town wants UFO memorial moved; witness objects
Pennsylvania patients will be able to buy dry leaf medical marijuana this summer
France is building its own encrypted messaging app so that the president will stop using Telegram
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