Tech & Science Ticker – April 18th, 2018

Manufacturing Watch
The Army is building 3D-printed soft robots
Producing Graphene With 50 Times Less Solvent
Tech and Science Watch
Teens are using ‘Fortnite’ to ask out prom dates
New EU laws to force tech giants to hand over data to overseas police
Scientists Accidentally Create A Plastic-Eating Enzyme
Blockchain Watch
Blockchain Platform Prepares To Test Cryptocurrency Payment System In Major Shopping Mall
Cryptocurrency wallet Blockchain hires top Goldman Sachs exec to help it boost institutional clients
AI and Robot Watch
Google makes it even easier to get into AI with Raspberry Pi bundles
How robots are reshaping one of the dirtiest, most dangerous jobs
Cryptocurrency Watch
NY Attorney General Launches Inquiry into Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Hackers keep robbing cryptocurrency YouTubers
Japan’s Central Bank Has No Plans to Issue Central Bank Digital Currency
The World’s Biggest Porn Site Now Accepts Cryptocurrency
Telegram CEO Is Using Bitcoin to Help Bypass Russia’s App Ban
Electronics Watch
Army research rejuvenates older zinc batteries
Sodium ion batteries using copper sulfide developed
Quantum Shift Shows itself in Coupled Light and Matter
IBM scientists measure the energy levels of single molecules on insulators
A Higher-Energy, Safer And Longer-Lasting Zinc Battery
Nanotech Watch
Holey graphene translates to working transistor
Nanoparticles in food packaging may disrupt gut function
Web Networking Watch
New quantum method develops really random numbers
A Quantum Leap For Data Security
20 Entangled Qubits Bring the Quantum Computer Closer
Peer to Peer Watch
What You Need to Know About Peerform Peer Lending Loans
ETHLend Seeks European License to Issue Fiat-Based P2P Loans
Facebook’s Blow To Third-Party Data Makes First-Party Data Even More Crucial
Can Blockchain Technology Restore the Trust in Online Poker?
Bank of America’s digital investments drive engagement
OneCause® Acquires Great Feats Peer-to-Peer Social Fundraising Platform
PayPal Pays Peer-to-Peer Penalty
Social Media Watch
Former Cambridge Analytica employee says Facebook users affected could be ‘much greater than 87 million’
Think Congress can Regulate Facebook? After 26 Years, It Still Hasn’t Figured Out How To Tax E-Commerce
Facebook begins fact-checking news for users in India, one of its largest markets
Congress isn’t ready to regulate Facebook, but it wants to
Facebook is using ‘dishonest and manipulative’ tactics to get EU users to agree to facial recognition, critics say (FB)
Facebook should face competition, not regulation
Lawmakers Voice Support for Social Media Data Regulation
The psychological impact of an $11 Facebook subscription
Twitter suffers major outage Tuesday
Five Ways You Can Use Your Social Media Accounts To Make A Major Impact
Fed up with social media, major UK pub chain deletes all of its accounts
Alt Energy Watch
Major dynamics that shape up world energy map
Hong Kong families with rooftop solar panels or wind turbines could sell energy for up to five times the current electricity …
Australian solar energy retailer DC Power just closed the world’s most popular equity crowdfunding offer
Wind energy takes a toll on birds, but now there’s help
Drone Watch
Drones are an integral part of fight against deadly malaria spread by monkeys in Malaysia
Drones as first responders
Drone near-miss with commercial flight given highest risk rating
Apple cracks down on drone pilot who shoots epic Apple campus videos
Police use drones to increase security at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
What Are The Practical Uses Of Drones In 2018?
Alternative Car Watch
The Electric Vehicle Needs a Place to Charge
FAA Bill Could Carry Tax Act Fixes, Self-Driving Car Measure
Alternative Farming Watch
Canada’s McCain Foods Bets On Vertical Farming
Aquaponics farming on tap for Draffenville
Agriscience adventure: RBHS gets hands on in aquaponics center
The Hydroponics Company boosts executive team to expand medicinal cannabis strategy


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