17 Items to Check How Prepared Your Family Is For Disaster

Here is an excellent check list for you to determine how prepared your family is for a disaster or a zombie invasion.  Be sure you click on the link below to read the full details of each item provided by Tim Gamble.

Personal/Family Preparedness Assessment – 12/8/17

Are you informed of the possible risks you and your family may face?

(Check out my article Disaster Planning: Understanding Potential Disasters for more on understanding potential risks.)

Do you have a Disaster Preparedness Plan?

Do you have a Family Communications Plan? 

Do you have a fully stocked first aid kit at home? 

(Click here for a fairly comprehensive first aid kit (326 pieces) for only $35)

Have you taken an actual first aid course recently?

Do you have a fire extinguisher in your home?

(I have several Fire Gone fire extinguishers in my home. They are easy to use, relatively inexpensive, and work on Class A, B, and C fires.)

How quickly would you run out of water, if your water was unexpectedly cut-off for some reason? 

(The Lifestraw Family Water Filter can purify over 4,700 gallons of water, without the need for chemicals, for under $75.)

If you should not purchase any food at a store or restaurant for one week, would you have enough food stored at home to eat during that week?

(My favorite food storage book: Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook by Peggy Layton.)

Gasoline can quickly disappear during a crisis. Check your vehicles’ gas tanks at the moment. Are they full or near-full (good)? Or have you let them get down to near empty (bad)? 

Do you have an alternative ( bug-out) location picked out if you must leave your home location for any reason during an emergency? 

If your plans include producing your own food, are you already doing so?

Are your finances currently “in order?”

(Please see my article Prepping 101: Finances – Get Back to Basics.)

Are you and your spouse in agreement on your preparedness plans?

Please see may article How To Talk To Non-Preppers Without Turning Them Off to Prepping.)

Do you have any “special needs” folks in your family/group? 

(Please see my article Special Needs Prepping.)

Have you planned for your pets and any livestock in an emergency?

What is your current state of health and physical fitness? What is the current health and physical fitness of all the other members of your family/group? 

Have you made a list of the various skills of individual members of your family/group? What skills do you have covered by at least two members? 

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