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Month: March 2011

Legion, Thy Name Is Progressive!

Legion, THY NAME is “Progressive” Summary- Is there a global Progressive agenda to eliminate YOUR freedom? Are there Progressive plans, global plans, that unite such disparate Progressive elements as those in America, the Middle East, Europe, South America, and China? Do Progressives have more loyalty to their global agenda or their own nations? When Jesus Christ confronted a possessed man, on one occasion, the demons possessing the man said, “we are legion” because there were MANY of them. As we confront a global phenomenon of oppression, bloodshed, and tyranny, we begin to see that a veritable legion of bad actors, of seemingly different stripes, are possessing the body politic of nations all over the globe. This legion has a name, a name that means “the few rule the many in progressive stages because the many are not as enlightened as the few.” The NAME of that legion is “Progresivism.” In the Muslim world, Progressivism takes the form of Pan-Islamic Jihad, a bid to create a caliphate of the rule of a few enlightened leaders, minus private property, private rights, or even the right to life (only the lives that are important to the new “state” would be worth saving). These pan-Islamic Progressives may indeed seem much different than, say, the atheist Progressives of China or the pseudo-“Christian” Progressives of America, but they share the vision of a multination super-state...

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Faith Freedom- why and how a Freedom Uprising emerges in America

Faith Freedom, American Freedom, Freedom Watch, Freedom Action It is TIME For A “Freedom Uprising” In America!- Bill Collier, Freedomist The battle for our country’s future is being fought in the streets, but the forces for freedom are being out-spent and out-fought by the Progressives who have the unions, big money from men like George Soros, and journolist media led by the likes of Michael Moore. Bloggers and new media providers can inspire and educate people to form their own local “Freedom Corps” made up of people who attend street events (protests, counter protests, demonstrations, rallies) and people who...

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