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Month: September 2011

Israel Struggles For Its Right To Exist

“They are millions and we are thousands. They are coming with horses and elephants, with pikes, iron shields and swords and we are only with bows and arrows. They are with their idols, handmade gods and we are with the spirit of the true God – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” – The words of Mattathias  166 B.C. Israel Struggles For Its Right To Exist Will G-d Bless Israel If Israel Rejects G-d? By William R Collier Jr- The Arab occupation of parts of Jerusalem, of Judea, and of Samaria has been going on for nearly at 1400 years...

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Crony Socialism Part Three- Meet The Medical Records Czar- Judy

Judy Faulkner, Medical Records Czar and Healthcare IT CEO of Epic Systems wants to control your records to make millions Written by- The Collier Brothers Judy Faulkner, Medical Records Czar, Healthcare IT, Obama Czar, Obamacare It seems like everything comes in threes. First Obama had the problem with Solyndra. Then he ran into a buzz-saw with Lightsquared. It all amounts to an EPIC Fail and “three strikes, you’re out!” Meet Judy Faulkner. She’s not your average Obama-anointed czar. Usually they just get a cushy job and the ability to network, which is pretty good while it lasts. Judy is better...

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