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Month: November 2011

Is Gloria Allred’s Lynch Mob Partner, Sharon Bialek, A Marketing Executive?- Sharon Bialek

Sharon Bialek, claiming to be a tea party supporter, made a lot of wild accusations against Herman Cain. Her allegations have no basis of external proof, it is stricly a "she-said/he-said" deal, and her lawyer is the infamous Gloria Alred, who famously trumpeted the accusers of the Duke Lacrosse team, ruinbing their seaon, only to see her client exposed as an outright liar. The whole thing smells of political fishiness, and now we may have discovered that Sharon Bialek is an acccount executive for a liberal leaning ad agency, see here: See bottom of page- At Katz Marketing Dimensions: Judy Carlough, sales manager, Greater Boston Radio, Boston, named VP/manager, Atlanta; Jeanne Schad, account supervisor, Richards Group, Dallas, named account manager, Dallas; Sharon Bialek, NTR director, WGN Radio, Chicago, named account manager, Chicago. Why would THIS matter? If Bialek is a marketing executive whose firm worked on "branding" and "media communications". then this would make sense. No doubt Cain's accuser, if she IS a marketing executive, knows that she will be the darling of the liberal elite social circles and hereafter never lack for a good place of employment. Is what she is saying TRUE? So far the accuser has claimed that she is a registered republican and tea party supporter. In Illinois there are no "registered" this or that, unlike in Pennsylvania where you delcare a party, in Illinois,...

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Israel Prepares For War

Willia R Collier Jr.- On All Fronts Israel Faces Pan-Islamic Aggression– Even as the Israeli left gears up to demand hand-outs while opposing a strong defense against the Pan-Islamic aggression being aimed at Israel, the Prime Minister wants to prepare for a war for Israel's survival. The main threat is coming from Iran, both in the form of its nuclear ambitions and its constant support for Pan-Islamic aggression through the Arab occupiers of Judea, Samaria, eastern Jerusalem, and Gaza. These Arab occupiers want to forge another Pan-Islamic state on the carcass of a dismembered and shrunken Israel, stealing the lands of the Jews as they often do of their neighbors, including Egypt, Kurdistan, Lebanon, and Assyria. Israeli preparations for war include, as we have already noted, possible sub-launched missile attacks, land-born missile attacks, and, potentially, material support for anti-regime forces in Iran. The Israeli cabinet, after a wrangling debate, authorized the use of force, including ground operations, against pan-Islamic rocket and mortar attacks emanating from Gaza. Recently, an Israeli man was killed in a rocket attacks while dozens of rockets have damaged property and caused minor injuries throughout the area around Gaza. Meanwhile, as Jewish citizens seek to build homes on their own land, the Obama Administratoin, continuing to demonstrate its sympathies with the an-Islamic forces, railed against Israel calling new building in so-called "occupied" territory "unproductive". (NOTE: Judea...

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