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Month: December 2011

Occupiers Target US Ports- Progressive Socialist Sedition Targets THE END OF AMERICA

Socialist Occupiers Wage War On America- Bill Collier- Radical Progressive anti-capitalists are targeting US ports on the west coast with street actions in the hope of provoking a police response and creating unsafe working conditions which the Unions can use as an excuse to stop work in the ports. The Occupiers, who want to implement a Soviet-style one-party state in America, are backed by radicalized front groups, like the local teacher’s union in Oakland, California, in their bid to replace capitalism with state-controlled economic planning. Ports along the west coast are bracing for a promised onslaught of Progressive socialist sedition which many fear will lead to violence. The Occupiers have engaged in violence in cities throughout America leading to injuries of law enforcement officers and even rapes and murders within their illegal encampments. The socialist sedition, if successful, would plunge the US into a massive depression, which could turn out millions of angry workers who the Progressive socialist Occupiers believe they can then recruit for their world-wide socialist revolution. The agenda of the Progressive socialist agitators is to impose a “sexual liberation” that distracts people from the loss of their far more important economic, cultural, religious, and political freedoms as they impose a Soviet style one-party state once they have seized power. The Occupiers, unlike the Progressives in the Democratic party, favor immediate revolution while the Democrats favor a slow-motion “revolution...

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State Senate Race In Illinois Garners National Attention- Lennie Jarratt

  In the 31st State Senate District in Illinois Lennie Jarratt’s bid to be the new State Senator is getting national attention among rank and file conservative activists. Jarratt, a long-time proven fighter for conservative causes and values, has won the admiration and support of many of his peers as a faithful defender of freedom for all against the encroachment of big brother government. Jarrat’s own story in private and public employment as well as in his own business, providing web design services, is a typical American story these days- an honest, hard-working citizen whose greatest obstacles seem to be the big brother government policies coming from Washington DC and Springfield Illinois. When Jarratt learned that his bank would get more money, thanks to government policies, to foreclose on him after an 11 month period of unemployment than to settle with him, his thoughts turned to the thousands of other citizens in Illinois who were probably facing the same problem, with NO help or support from their elected officials. Jarrat’s campaign motto is “Supporting Families, Not Government” and this sets the tone for his whole campaign, a campaign that has been endorsed by Illinois Conservatives and is lauded on many national conservative blogs and websites. Some of Jarratt’s stances include: Pro Family The family is the basic unit of our society and it must be preserved. Income tax hikes,...

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What Motivates Mitt Romney?

By Bill Collier- Mitt Romney desperately wants to be President but WHY? Often people who want to be President are motivated in one of four ways- they are on a power-mad ego trip, they are inspired by a cause or ideology, they have a hidden agenda, or they are being propped up as a front-person for hidden forces. When considering a candidate one always looks for one of, or a combination of, these four motives. With our current President, whose behavior comes across to some as rather Quisling and Ahab-like, betraying America’s core values and discarding morality and ethics, it appears that he may be a front-man for hidden forces and he has a hidden agenda but that he is also on a power-mad ego trip. President Obama’s conceited tendency to couch everything he does as “good for America” while attacking all who disagree as “putting politics ahead of the country” may in fact be a classic Freudian slip. The reality is that President Obama is doing what he thinks is best for his ideology, for his allies, and for his globalist/progressive agenda, even if that is, objectively speaking, bad for America’s economy, culture, or security. So what is Romney’s core motivation? Prior to 2007 he was worse than a “RINO”, he was an outright Progressive! He implemented socialized medicine in his state, he acquiesced on gay marriage, he...

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Obama Hoisted On His Own Petard

Will Occupiers Turn On Their Master? Progressives’ Manufactured “Revolutions” Backfires When shadowy bigwigs want to take down a popular resistance movement, like the Tea Party, they usually sponsor their own mob to fling at the opposition. The problem with flinging mobs at your enemy is that mobs can see their former sponsors as their enemy and turn on them. On the northwest corner of 53rd Street and 7th Avenue, in view of the Sheraton hotel in New York City, a groups of 100 or so ultra progressive extremists who want a socialist worker’s paradise NOW started an “action” that President Obama may have been surprised by. As the progressive President arrived at around 9 PM the uber-radical vanguard his team thought might reinvigorate his base like the Tea Party did for the other side turned its guns on him. Signs proclaimed: Obama Is A Corporate Puppet Sold Out War Crimes Need Persecuting, No Matter Who Does Them One of the organizers lamented that Obama was going to get money from “the richest of the rich.” Obama’s visit to New York has been marked by controversies and irony. He allegedly came to New York for the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Plaza, but he is snarling traffic on  an epic scale to attend numerous fundraisers for extremely wealthy donors. Rudi Guilliani criticized Obama’s segway from nice public event to money-grubbing politicking. The irony of...

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