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Month: August 2012

The Sticker Shock of Obamcar (Yes, CAR!)

How Obamacar, not care, will cost you $4K or more for a new car
Obama has TAKEN OVER the CAR industry, did you know?
By Phil Kerpen- Obama’s astonishing takeover of the automobile industry, unlike his health care takeover, occurred without even a vote of Congress. Yesterday, to much fanfare, the administration announced its astonishing ratcheting up of vehicle fuel economy standards to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. These regulations — I call them “ObamaCar” — were accomplished not through open debate in Congress, but through corrupt backroom deals in which our elected officials had no voice

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Remembering Steve Van Buren- The Green and White- a Tragic Love Story

Before I knew Christ as my King, there was nothing, not family, not anything, that meant as much to me as the Eagles. My life could rise and fall with their fortunes week to week. Now that I am in Christ, the Eagles are no longer my church, my religion. My focus, my love is in Christ and His Kingdom. I love people far more than I can ever love the Eagles. But after Christ, after the relationships in my life, this heartbreak team reigns supreme over all other teams in all other sports, and I too take time to remember when everything was right in the world of sports, when Steve Van Buren made Eagles fly.

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