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Month: September 2012

AP Breathlessly Defames Voter ID Law

Playing to fear and using rank supposition, The Associated Press ran an article today claiming that Voter ID Laws will potential cause “chaos” if the 2012 election is close. The reportage of the peice ignores the very real fraude being perpetuated by an election process that pretty much makes it a cake walk to “vote early and vote often.” While you have to have a valid ID to fly and do many other activities, including collecting benefits from the government, vote fraude perpetrators deny the need to ensure that people who vote have a legitimate right to vote. In many locales run by party machines, places like Philadaelphia for instance, it is all too common to see more votes counted then there are voters. Vote fraude deniers never take this obvious and glaring red flag into account. One suspects that illegal votes can give candidates around a 5% or more advantage over their opponents. The AP is complicit in this process and should be disclosing its so-called “reporting” as an “in kind” campaign contribution to the party they favor. Posted from WordPress for...

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Totally Skewed Polls

Media malpractice as the Progressives try to skew polls to suppress the vote for Romney, encourage Obama’s demoralized and unemployed base, and discourage potential donors to the GOP: all while failing to disclose this faux “journalism” for what it really is, an in-kind campaign contribution for Obama!

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Obama Apologizes to Egypt Embassy Attackers

If Barack Obama wants to get re-elected, capitulating to the murderous and violent actions of Islamo-Fascism on the 11the aniversary of the day when Islamo-Fascists MURDERED 3000 Americans for not submitting to the Sharia one world government these bigoted intolerant killers fight to force upon us might not be the smartest move.

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One Nation Under Government- The god that Failed

Only God has unlimited authority and sovereignty, no human agency or government has unlimited authority and sovereignty. What’s worse than turning the actual Constitution on its head, a law that does acknowledge God as the source of all sovereignty and authority, as does the Declaration of Independence, is that what Chief Justice Roberts has done was to deny this truth: he is now asking us to give our pinch of incense to the divine genius of government- the god that failed.

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