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Month: October 2012

Obama’s Not Optimal If Four Americans Get Killed Gaffe

Barack Obama appeared on the John Stewart show last night and made a statement that will knock ‘binders full of women’ right off the map- “Not Optimal”. In this case, Obama is talking about the murders of four Americans, including a US Ambassador. What makes this statement all the more damning is that Barack Obama went on a comedy talk show and delivered this line. The optics are not good.

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The Hofstra Debate

The Hofstra Debate produced a stunning confession by Barack Obama that revealed he overtly lied to America and the world about Benghazi, and not even Romney’s supporters have picked up on it. Keep reading this article and find out what I am talking about and how it might reveal God’s move against this land has already begun, that there is a famine of truth in this land as Amos was told would fall on Israel.

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The Benghazi Cover Up- The Obama Myth Destroyed

I am not sure if this is an impeachable offense, but it is an offense against Americans to lie so overtly about the murder of our citizens, to seek to protect your narrative, that you are the Al Qaeda Killer, the Bin Laden Slayer, over speaking the truth to the American people about how and why our land was sacked and our citizens murdered.

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Obama Foreign Donor Scandal

From An emerging scandal is being reported in the blogosphere of Barack Obama accepting Foreign Donor Dollars in the wake of his record-shattering September fundraising month where he raised $181 million. One such suspicion of wrong-doing on the part of the President comes from this fact, the difference between how the Obama campaign and the Romney campaign accept credit card dollars.

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