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Month: April 2013

The Bill of Rights- In Case You Forgot

We thought we might reprint the Bill of Rights here and ask our readers- what about the original spirit and intent of these bill of rights is ‘right wing’, ‘liberal’, ‘racist’, or ‘extremist’? Take our poll that asks this question- Is the Original Spirit and Intent of the Bill of Rights “Extremist’ or a ‘Defense of Liberty’?

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5-Days without the IRS!

IRS-Free Days, Celebrate!

Who says the sequester is all bad?

Due to the sequester, the IRS will be saving money by closing its operations for 5 days this year, with an additional two days being considered if necessary.

We would love to celebrate these IRS-free days, which are scheduled for May 24, June 14, July 5, July 22, and August 30.

How would you celebrate a day without the IRS, or how would you celebrate if there was no IRS, a creature of the income tax?

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