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Month: December 2013

Bill Collier on the Duck Dynasty Controversy

Bill Collier, Editor in Chief of The Tioga Freedomist, talks about the Duck Dynasty Controversy surrounding the Duck Commander, Phil Robertson. He reveals the standards of The Tioga Freedomist compared to A and E in their commitment (or lack therof) to the standards of Free Speech. He also talks about how the controversy is a threat on the freedom of all, no matter which position you take on homosexualuty.

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Geminid Meteor Show About to Hit Tioga County

Get your telescopes ready Tioga County! The Gemenid Meteor Show will be hitting tonight, starting around 9 pm and last into tomorrow morning. It is projected that the actual peak for the meteor shower will come in the early morning hours tomorrow. The meteors come from the Gemini Constellation. The peak hours will offer 120 meteors per hour racing across the earth’s sky.

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Mandela Dies

Nelson Mandela, who fought to end apartheid in South Africa and who became the first freely elected President, has passed away. His approach, at the end of apartheid, was to create “truth and reconciliation”, instead of revenge, thus preventing South Africa from becoming a failed state. Today, South Africa has many problems, but it remains a vibrant, succesful nation that is a great example of tolerance and unity in diversity.
William Collier
Kross Publishing/Tioga Freedomist

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