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Month: March 2016

Toshiba Laptop Battery Packs Recall

Toshiba has recalled the lithium-ion Panasonic battery packs that are in Toshiba laptops. The battery packs are a fire and burn hazard as they may overheat. The battery pack recall affects 39 Toshiba Satellite, Tecra, and Portege model laptops. You can read more about this recall...

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Fiskars Bypass Lopper Shears Recall

Fiskars has recalled around 277,000 pairs of its 32″ Titanium Bypass Lopper Shears sold in the United States. The shears have the model number 6854. The handles of the shears might break while in use, which could injure or cut the person using them. You can read more about this recall...

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Freeqo Report- March 28th 2016

From Freeqo- Thanks to pressure from outside groups, like the pro-zombie Gaystapo, aka the Gay Mafia, and it’s satellite state, the NFL, the Governor of Georgia will be vetoing a bill that would prevent the gastapo from running roughshod over Christian businesses in Georgia, as they’re now likely to do.. Whatever your feels about this, the fact of the matter is this, the NFL gets a big chunk of its money to build those multi-million dollar stadiums from governments, including this very Georgia government.  The NFL, using the stadium that taxpapers helped build in Atlanta as a weapon, strong...

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