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Month: July 2016

Full Auto Show Intro – Full Auto

This is the opening for NSSD’s Full Auto with Dmitri and Paul. One Full Auto Hour of Fast. Funny. Deadly. Serious. Talk. About Guns. Website- Facebook- Twitter- Youtube- Spreaker- News Shooting- Self Defense: Concealed Carry- The Second Amendment This video is covered by a Bipcot/No Gov License. For more information go to This video Produced by NSSD- News Shooting Self Defense Covers News of Shootings from a Self Defense, Concealed Carrier, and the Second Amendment Perspective. If you have information you’d like to share with the Channel, as well as for our weekly...

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China Warns of “Disaster” if Foreign Patrols Led by the U.S. Continue in South China Sea

SOUTH CHINA SEA, CHINA- A Senior Chinese Admiral commented on efforts by foreign powers to navigate the South China Sea on what are being called “Freedom of Navigation Patrols.” The comment has raised concerns of even more tightening of tensions in the South China Sea between China and the US, as well as Japan and other nations vying to keep the sea lanes open there. The Admiral said of the patrols that they could “end in disaster.” He specifically targeted the United States in his comment. The comment came after a ruling in the Hague that countered the claims...

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Turkish Soldier Opens Fire on Capital’s Courthouse

ANKARA, TURKEY- A soldier opened fire outside of the main courthouse of Ankara, the capital of Turkey, Monday morning, July 18th.  He was quickly detained according to Presidency Officials.  No one was reported injured. Turkish officials released a statement to the effect that after the attempted coup on Friday, July 15th, the Erdogan-led government had things “under control” but certain elements of the military that supported the coup were still at large. So far, over 290 people have been killed and 3000 plus injured during the attempted coup.  Thousands have been arrested, including Generals and Judges. SCREENSHOT COMMENTARIES VOLUNTARYIST...

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Part of Lincoln Tunnel in New York Shut Down after 2-Bus Crash Injures 15

NEW YORK CITY- A major accident in New York City this morning, July 18th, led to a shutdown of traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel. The accident involved two buses that crashed into each other around 7:30M this morning. The accident left 15 people injured according to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Of the 15 injured, only one was transported to the hospital, though the injuries were classified as non-life-threatening. There were 103 people on board the two buses, including the two drivers. NJ Transit spokesman Jim Smith said the route 114 bus hit the route...

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Opposition Leader, Deputy Mayor of Instanbul District, Shot in Head

ISTANBUL- The ripple-effect of the coup attempt last week in Turkey is still being felt, with the latest coming in the form of an attempted assassination of Sisli Municipality’s Deputy Mayor Cemil Candas by multiple armed assailants. The Deputy Mayor was seriously wounded.  The two attackers were subdued.  The attackers, two in total, had no criminal record.  There were unconfirmed reports of other municipal officials injured in the attack.  The information was released by Turkish State Approved Media, Haber Turk. Also unconfirmed is that the Deputy Mayor was shot in the head.  The Sisli district is a stronghold for...

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