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Month: June 2017

Right Wing Authoritarianism (Thaddeus Russell pt. 2)

Thaddues Russell (Author, Professor) joins Dave Rubin to discuss authoritarianism vs libertarianism, a realignment around a ‘new center,’ right-wing authoritarianism, whether or not Trump fits in with the authoritarians, left-wing authoritarianism, and more. ***Subscribe: Stay tuned for Part 3 of Dave’s interview with Thaddues Russell coming today and the full interview airing tomorrow, Friday 6/30. WATCH – “The Left is No Longer Liberal”: ****** The Rubin Report is fan funded: SUPPORT MONTHLY (Patreon): SUPPORT ONE-TIME (PayPal): What are your thoughts? Comment below or tweet to Dave: Sign up for our newsletter with the...

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How to Make Hilarious Libertarian Arguments in Three Minutes – The Tom Woods Show

Seamus Coughlin, creator of Freedom Toons, is now one of my favorite people: his animated videos are short, punchy, funny, libertarian, and effective. And he’s a hilarious guy, too. A model for young people who say, “I want to help the liberty movement!” Subscribe to the Tom Woods Show: View on...

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Cassie Jaye: How Feminism Harmed My Relationship To My Boyfriend

In 2016 Cassie Jayes made a documentary called “The Red Pill” where she explores mens rights issues and the movement behind it, which is absolutely worth seeing: Full video quoted under fair use: This channel aims at extracting central points of presentations into short clips. The topics cover the problems of leftist ideology and the consequences for society. The aim is to move free speech advocates forward and fight against the culture of SJWs. If you like the content, subscribe to the channel! View on...

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The Long History of Presidential Stupidity in Economics – The Tom Woods Show

Everyone always thinks the current president must be the worst. Surely President X is the most ignorant when it comes to economics! Well, there’s a lot of competition for that honor, my friend, as Gene Epstein joins me to explain. Subscribe to the Tom Woods Show: View on...

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