Month: August 2017

Washington State Opens Door To Tax Gun Ownership Out of Existence

Washington State has long been the home for the fringiest of the left fringe to try out the fringiest of left fringe attempts to use the power of the coercive enterprise’s guns to force people to behave like the good little progressives they imagine, deep down, we all want to be. Thanks to a convoluted ruling by the Washington State Supreme Court that performed more daring feats of wonder than the Happy Days episode in which Fonzi LITERALLY JUMPED A SHARK, the poor residents of that fiefdom of the coercive enterprise of America might soon be facing a “gun...

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Multiferroics Will Exponentially Expand Computing Power

The information age may soon be coming to an end, only to be replaced by the Multiferroics Age.  What exactly is multiferroics?  Well, be darned if I know.  But what I do know is that a very well-respected expert named Nicola Spaldin believes that it will take computing to the next quantum level and unleash levels of computing power at microscopic levels that are just not possible with silicon-based processors. From As powerful computers become more widespread, the amount of power they consume will increase. If Moore’s exponential law continues, electronic devices will consume more than half the...

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