Month: September 2017

Tupac Lives!  Or So Says Suge Knight

Suge Knight just made a stunning claim during a radio interview with Ice-T and Soledad O’Brien.   He is now claiming that Tupac Shakur isn’t really dead.  He said Tupac was fine when he left him at the hospital, where he was recovering from being shot.  Suddenly, Suge learns that Tupac is dead.  Is it true?  Is Tupac still alive?  Does Tupac live?!

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The Latest Shock News From Fox News Exposes Samantha Power as an Unmasking Troll

Samantha Power- Unmasking Troll Fox News is claiming, through unnamed sources, that Samantha Power, the former U.S Ambassador  to the UN, is a serial unmasker.  Apparently, the Ambassador somehow needed to have the names of Americans who were being spied on by the NSA.  I am not sure what an Ambassador needs with information like that, but there you have it.  Of course, this is my surprised face at this news….  😐  Yep,  that’s about as surprised as I get at news that the government spied on you and shared that information inappropriately with other government agents.  But enjoy...

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