3D Print WiFi Devices Without Need for Electricity

Do you think it’s possible to 3D print parts that can then connect to each other, through wi-fi, without the use of electronics?  If you said no, then you must not have seen the video featured below.

The video highlights “printed wi-fi,” which promises to connect your stuff to the internet, expanding the internet of things to even include your bottle of laundry detergent.

3D Printed Parts Can Now Communicate Without Electronics

As amazing as it sounds, 3D printed parts can now talk wirelessly to smart devices without electronics. This means consumers can hook up an attachment to a laundry detergent bottle they print out and it would automatically connect to a smart phone and order more when running low.

Because 3D printers cannot print objects with radio chips, University of Washington researchers Vikram Iyer, Justin Chan and their team from the UW Networks & Mobile Systems Lab, had to come up with a different way of doing it. They used Backscatter communication. “The solution that we ended up coming up with instead was, to reflect radio signals that are in the environment rather than having a 3D printed device create its own.”


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