3D Printing Farm in Brooklyn Points to Resurgence of Local Manufacturing

The Power of 3D Printing Could Bring Manufacturing Sovereignty to Local Communities

If you want to get a little glimpse into the future of manufacturing, you need look no further than what is being called a “3D Printing Farm.”  This particular 3D Printing Farm is located in Brooklyn New York.  The name of the company is Voodoo Manufacturing.  Below you find a video about the company and its 3D Printing Farm.

This is called “light manufacturing” that uses what’s called “lights-out” manufacturing.  You set up a robot and let it run day and night.  The power of these 3D Printing Farms is that it promises to bring manufacturing back down to the local level.

The future for these 3D printing farms could include local stores that run their own 3D printing farms to manufacture more and more of their own goods, or even 3D printing farm collectives that print some essentials for communities.

To be sure, we at iState will be tracking the development of 3D Printing Farms


A 3D printing farm in Brooklyn needed to scale up to handle large production runs and better compete with injection molding.

Until recently, that would have required investing in more 3D printers and additional manpower to run the machines, eliminating many of the cost advantages inherent in 3D printing.

Voodoo Manufacturing invested in a single robot, which it leaves running all night–what’s known as “lights-out” manufacturing.

It’s an elegant display of a model that will soon be commonplace: Through its automation efforts, Voodoo is showing how even small businesses are beginning to run fully-automated, lights-out operations.

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