40 Year Old Blind, Bisexual Swan Dies After Helping Raise Kids of Gay Lover

I know it’s a cliched story but here goes.  Here is a tale of a dude that fell in love with another dude.  They both shacked up and stayed together for 18 years.  One dude was white and the other dude was black.  Then the black dude met a white girl.  The black dude and the white girl shacked up, but the white dude decided to stay with the black dude.

So they formed a menage a trois.  The black dude and the white girl have kids together.  The white dude helps raise them.  Six years later, the black dude died.  Then the white dude went blind, and now, well, now the white dude is dead, 9 years later.

I’m sure you’ve heard this story COUNTLESS times before, boy meets boy, boy marries boy, other boy falls in love with girl, they all become a trio, other boy dies, boy goes blind, boy dies.  No word on what happened to the girl and the children she had with the black dude.

Now. all of this happened, but it was a swan, and his name was Thomas.  Thomas has passed away at the age of 40, which is really old for swans.

Blind, bisexual and polyamorous goose involved in love triangle dies, aged 40

A blind bisexual goose named Thomas has died in New Zealand at the age of 40. He spent six years in a love triangle with two swans and helped raise their dozens of babies.

Years ago, Thomas segregated himself from other geese and instead chose a black male swan named Henry as his life-long mate for 24 years.

When Henry fell in love with another swan, Henrietta, Thomas stayed with the pair and helped raise their cygnets up until Henry died in 2009.

Thomas finally retired to the Wellington Bird Rehabilitation Trust (WRBT) sanctuary in 2013 and he eventually went blind.

The WRBT confirmed with indy100 that Thomas passed away on Saturday 3 February. It  announced the sad passing on Facebook on Tuesday:

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