43 Million Reasons Why NY State Cop Unions Oppose Marijuana Legalization

In what appears to be a conflict of interest, NY State Police Unions are unanimously pushing against legalizing marijuana.
Given the fact that they benefit directly from these marijuana prohibition laws, their opinions might be viewed as being slightly biased.
Without drug laws, in general, one of the major sources of revenue for police departments is civil asset forfeiture.

From their 2017 report on civil asset forfeiture we learn this:

In 2017, claiming authorities and claiming agents reported to DCJS that more than $43.4
million was forfeited and distributed pursuant to state forfeiture statutes. In addition,
claiming authorities and claiming agents reported that approximately $2.37 million was
collected pursuant to federal forfeiture statutes (this information is also reported to DCJS
and is required to be included in this report).

As you can see, they can hardly afford, literally, to support any easing of any drug laws.


State police unions unanimously oppose legalizing marijuana

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