49ers Put Money Behind Anti-Gun Legislation

The San Francisco 49ers, a corporate welfare recipient who relies on tax dollars and government contracts to pay its players millions of dollars to play a game, have decided to use their government-funded position of economic power to attempt to push anti-gun legislation through.

You see, it’s not enough to be the beneficiary of millions of tax dollars, but this football team wants to put its money where its mouth is, and its mouth is all around that government boot, and they want you and I to be powerless to resist that government boot should it decide one day to come marching on our front lawn.

From Bearing Arms

On Thursday, the NFL team announced it’s joining a number of law enforcement unions  – including the San Jose Police Officers’ Association and the Los Angeles Police Protective League – and signing a “Pledge for a More Understanding and Safer America.”

The campaign, as expected, seeks to improve police-community relations. But that doesn’t appear to be its main goal. The campaign is primarily pushing for what it calls “common sense” gun legislation, including a ban on bump stocks and other firearm modification devices, armor-piercing bullets and gun silencers.

The 49ers have already promised to shell out $500,000 for the effort. The money will go toward producing national public-service announcements.

In joint statement, law enforcement and the 49ers explained why they’re working together on the cause. They’re both hoping more teams will join. (Emphasis mine.)

The duty of law enforcement must also include actively participating in bringing our nation together and working to foster a more understanding and compassionate national dialogue around community and police officer relations. We believe that professional sports teams should utilize their capacity to reach millions of Americans to promote initiativesthat help law enforcement professionals and the citizens they serve understand their respective experiences and to listen to one another with an open mind and heart.


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