6 Must-Have Calibers for the iPrepper

Here are 6 types of ammo that every prepper should be stocked up on.

6 Versatile Ammo Types You Need In Your Arsenal

…..As you read through interchangeable ammo types, some others may come to mind that aren’t listed here.  Do not forget that as a prepper, your primary goals will be survival related.  As such, you will be looking mostly for ammo  that can be used for hunting, home, and self defense.

Other ammo not mentioned in this article may not be as suitable for these purposes, or it may be too hard to get or to expensive to consider for a good sized stockpile.  It is also important to consider how available the ammo will be after a major crisis occurs.

Interchangeable ammo will be almost useless if it is not something popular enough that you can pick it up from some other place as needed.

Types of Ammunition that Have Multiple Uses

.22 Long Rifle

The .22 Long Rifle round has been in use for over a century and is still very popular.  This ammunition is actually very cheap when compared to the other ammo you may have or be planning to store for other weapons.  Even a 500 round brick can be a lifesaver in a long term survival situation….

5.56 NATO/.223 Remington

The AR-15 rifles are the most popular rifles in the US today.  Because of this, there are large quantities of this ammunition in stock just about everywhere.

  • 56 NATO ammunition is used either by the US military or law enforcement in this country, which means it will never be completely banned or unavailable. You should be able to find it regardless of the situation…….

7.62 NATO/.308 Winchester

When you have to shoot at long ranges or through serious barriers this is the round to go to with. This round is the most common for medium to long range shooting.  There are also many rifles that use it.

  • Any gun labeled 7.62 NATO can accept .308 ammunition, but guns chambered for .308 should not fire 7.62 NATO ammunition.  To do this could cause death or serious injury to the shooter…..

9mm, .40 S&W and .45ACP

The 9mm round is possibly the all around best pistol round to carry because of it’s low cost and common usage.  It is also the cheapest of all the self-defense pistol calibers……


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