6 Year Old Sends SALTY Letter To Santa, We Have the DOCUMENTS!

Sarah McCammon of NPR shared with her fans on twitter (see tweet below) the letter to Santa that her 6 year old son wrote, along with a picture of how he actually produced the note, which included, as he points out to Santa, ‘wreaths and skulls.’ Because helz yes, if you’re gonna have a Christmas picture there should be skulls, am I right? There is a SERIOUS dearth of skulls in Christmas pics. Way to represent for Team Skull, Mr. Jaded 6 year old.
So first, let’s share the text of the note in all its (sic) glory:
“Dear Santa,
Santa Im only doing this for the class. I know your notty list is emty. And your good list is emty. You don’t know the trouble Ive had in my life. Good bye.
Im not telling you my name”
(Morgin art: wreaths and skulls)
The kid is smart, too smart, if you ask me. But I mean that in a GOOD way. He already knows not to share too much information with the man. Don’t tell Santa you’re name, little dude, you don’t want to end up on ANY list.
He also demonstrates he is extremely pragmatic, way too pragmatic for his age. But again, I mean that in a GOOD way. He admits that the only reason he’s bothering to write a note at all is because it’s a class assignment. I get it, little dude, pick your battles. Refusing to write a letter to Santa is NOT a hill you want to die on. Good move.
I think, I SUSPECT, this little dude knows something else, but his pragmatism prevents him from revealing what he fully knows. He’s playing games, and I like the games he’s playing. He tells Santa he KNOWS he doesn’t have a “notty list” and he also says that good list is “emty.”
Yeah, I think he knows something, for sure. I think the little dude knows Santa is not real. He doesn’t want to just come out and say Santa is a fake, but he’s pretty much calling “him” out here by saying there ain’t no list, not a good one, not a “notty” one.
But, and I’m speculating here, he knows if he were to reveal this fact, that Santa is not real, he would be barraged with a bunch of Santa zealots in the form of his peers and Santa propagandists, in the form of the adults (which might very well include his own mother).
Ain’t nobody got time for that, and ain’t nobody got time for little dude to worry about the Santa fakery afoot in his school AND in his home.
By the way, message to Sarah, stop lying to little dude and spill the beans. You can break it to him with a story we did a few months ago about Santa being dead. I hope this helps you.
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