7 New Concealed Carry, Home Defense Guns Revealed at SHOT Show

SHOT Show has come and gone, sadly, but here’s highlights of a review by AWR Hawkins, writing for Breitbart, of 7 new guns designed for concealed carry and home defense.

SHOT Show: 7 Great Firearms for Concealed Carry, Home Defense

The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s (NSSF) annual SHOT Show was held January 23-26 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and seven firearms stood out as perfect additions for those who buy their guns for concealed carry and home defense…..

Here they are:

Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield M2.0–The M&P 9 Shield M2.0 is the newest version of the wildly popular Shield. The gun is noticeably refined, with a strong focus given to grip improvement and trigger quality. The Shield M2.0 is compact and can be purchased alone or with an Integrated Crimson Trace laser affixed to the front of the pistol…..The M&P 9 Shield M2.0 costs approximately $480.

Walther PPS M2–……The PPS M2 is chambered in 9mm and can be purchased alone or with an Crimson Trace laser affixed. The PPS M2 costs approximately $490-$510.

Smith & Wesson M&P 40 Shield M2.0–The M&P 40 Shield M2.0 is like the 9, only chambered in .40. It is the same  Shield quality, with the same grip and trigger improvements, but in slightly larger round. The 40 Shield M2.0 remains extremely compact at about 18 ounces, and, like the 9mm, can be acquired with a thumb safety for compliance with gun control laws in states like Massachusetts. The M&P 40 Shield M2.0 costs approximately $480.

Sig Sauer P365–….the P365 brings a strong advantage over compacts of similar size in that it holds ten in the magazine plus one in the chamber, for 11 rounds. This is a round advantage of three over the Shield and of two over the PPS M2. The Sig Sauer P365 is chambered in 9mm and costs approximately $525.

North American Arms Guardian–The North American Arms Guardian has been around for nearly 20 years, but the Guardian one can buy today has options that were not available for the Guardian that premiered in 2001…….The Guardian is a true pocket pistol chambered in .380. It costs approximately $450.

Mossberg 590M–The Mossberg 590M is a brand new offering in home defense shotguns. From a distance it simply looks like a 12 gauge Mossberg pump shotgun, but up close one realizes the magazine tube is inert. The gun is loaded via detachable, double stack magazines rather than a fixed tube. Mossberg magazines will be available in 5, 10, 15, or 20 round capacity for the 590M…..

UTAS UTS 15 Semiautomatic–UTAS is well know for its 15-round capacity UTS 15 pump shotgun, which is a tremendous tool for home defense. The gun has two tubular magazines fitted and offset above the barrel, each holding 7 rounds (with one in the chamber making a total of 15 rounds)…..

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