Right Wing Authoritarianism (Thaddeus Russell pt. 2)

Thaddues Russell (Author, Professor) joins Dave Rubin to discuss authoritarianism vs libertarianism, a realignment around a β€˜new center,’ right-wing authoritarianism, whether or not Trump fits in with the authoritarians, left-wing authoritarianism, and more. ***Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RubinReport

Stay tuned for Part 3 of Dave’s interview with Thaddues Russell coming today and the full interview airing tomorrow, Friday 6/30.

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Thaddues Russell
Author, Professor
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  1. Remember that time when…….

    The nazzi's were right wing?
    Communist china was right wing?
    When Venezuela was right wing?
    Cambodia was right wing?
    Communist Russia was right wing?
    Nearly all violent uprisings in the 20th century and before were right wing authoritarians?

    Right wing authoritarianism is a myth and concocted by the left wing in america to turn reality upside down and make evil good and good evil.

  2. "i don't think capitalism is perfect"
    who think its perfect? nothing is perfect, but capitalism is the most natural economic system. it has nothing to do with regulation and everything to do with freedom. Thaddeus just seems really confused about his position, yet at the same time he holds a very simplistic view of American politics. I would love to see him get destroyed by Ben Shapiro.

  3. i had a dream lastnight where Dave invited someone on he disagreed with, and then just out of nowhere broke his calm attitude and just started shouting and cussing and attacking his character lol I thought it was funny

  4. This guy profoundly underestimates the importance of social order and sexual rules. There is a reason why sexual taboos exist in all societies in all ages. It is part of man's nature. This man's flippant dismissal if these essential aspects of human civilization betrays a complete lack of perspective.

  5. "They're nazis because they don't like Hollywood and some music." This is the type of retards that liberals sit open-mouthed, drooling in awe of when he is saying the most insipid platitudes. This liberal is more intelligent than say a Cenk Uygur, but he's still a simple-minded liberal who can't accurately represent anyone different than him.

  6. Thaddeus really seems to think he knows whats best for people while complaining about people who think they know what is best for people. All with a smug smile and a lot of ignorant confidence.

  7. It's called liberalism. The reason why America is fucked up is because Fox news has convinced people the word "Liberal" equates to being far left verging on communist. In actual fact liberalism is just the opposite of authoritarianism. Now you end up in a situation where you are debating whether you are libertarian which is right wing or authoritarian right which is also right wing. This is hardly centrist and you've boxed yourself in.

  8. I'm an atheist, free market capitalist and I'm pro choice, anti-gay marriage, and pro-gun. I'm sick of these stereotypes of "religious republicans". there are plenty of valid reasons to hold these positions.

  9. So this idiot believes weed is completely harmless? what a disingenious twat. attention teenagers, if someone tells you pot is harmless, avoid those people, they do not care about your well-being.

  10. Trump is authoritarian in some respects. He is obsessed with building a wall, he is pushing for a larger army, he wanted Hillary to go to jail, he is meddling with the judiciary when it should be completely separate. Trump isn't in favour of compromise or dialogue he just wants everything to go his way. That isn't particularly liberal or democratic. The other aspect of Trump is he wants to make shit tonnes of money so of course he wants to reduce taxes for the rich and free up his business buddies. That isn't because he is a liberal it is because he knows he is going to make tonnes of money from it and who gives a fuck about the rest of the country.

  11. smh… Mass public ignorance is not a product of success. The real problem was handing over education to the State, and believing it doesn't have a conflict of interest when "teaching" history, civics and critical thinking.

  12. I mean are people on the left annoyed at Trump because he breaks social convention and breaks taboos or are they annoyed at Trump because he comes across as a narcissistic with no idea what he is talking about. I mean when he says things such as "Nobody knew health care could be so complicated" you just have to assume he is retarded. Really? Did nobody know it was complicated? Or possibly just possibly Donald didn't know fuck all about it and therefore assumed nobody else thought it was complicated either.

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