What it means to be married to Jena

When the dull thud of life’s engine

Grinds down the slow beat

You are the new fuel that flames

Pulse and love’s speed.

When the star-less sky apes

Empty thoughts that eviscerate the soul

You are a Catherine wheel filling

That bland void with love’s pyrotechnics

When the dead leaves of autumn

Crumble and whisper, “It is time that life dried out”

You are the dew-soaked lily

Caparisoning life with love’s full bloom.

Without you, some simple stone could stand in

For my life’s full purpose.

With you, no known swirl of galaxies could

Adequately display

The full color and depth of what it means

To be married to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my lovely, adorable, shaggable, Jena.