ADL Becoming the Hate Speech Sheriff of Twitter and Facebook

If you really want to protect free speech, then what you need to do is hire the anti-free-speech, progressive agit prop organization that regularly uses the racist card to attack anyone that isn’t left of Stalin.

That organization would be the ADL (Anti-defamation league, which is oppositionally named).  The ones hiring the ADL are two social media platforms that appear anxious to further isolate themselves from huge swathes of the market.

Perhaps they imagine race-baiting, man-hating, Christian bashing, free-market fearing Marxists are the new normal.  Methinks they may be in for a surprise.

Editor’s Note:  Oppositionally is not a real word….until now.  Deal with it.

From Breitbart

YouTube,Twitter and Facebook May Soon Use ADL’s ‘Online Hate Index’ to Detect ‘Hate Speech’ on Platforms

The Anti-Defamation League has stated that social media companies YouTube, Twitter and Facebook may use the group’s “Online Hate Index” to detect hate speech on their platforms.

The ADL published a video on their YouTube page recently outlining the use of their new “Online Hate Index.” The video features Brittan Heller, the director of the ADL Center for Technology and Society. Heller explains the goal of the new index is to “help tech platforms better understand the growing amount of hate on social media, and to use that information to address the problem.” The index will reportedly use machine learning, artificial intelligence, and social science to identify trend and patterns in so-called “hate speech.”

The ADL claims that their machine learning model can identify “hate speech” with a 78 percent to 85 percent accuracy rate. “In the next phase of our project, we will look at specific targeted populations in a more detailed manner, we’ll examine content on multiple social media sites and we’ll identify strategies to deploy the model more broadly,” said Heller during the video. The ADL hopes that the index will help tech companies, “understand the extent of hateful conduct on their platforms.”

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