Al Franken Doubles Down on Calls for Gov Takeover of Social Media

Has-Been Comedian Turned Senator Strengthens Calls for More Government Intrusion on Social Media

Perhaps Al Franken is jockeying to become the poster boy for the government’s not-too-subtle attempts to use the power of fear to gain public support for regulating the internet.  Senator Franken upped his rhetoric when speaking, ironically at a place called the “Open Markets Institute.”

Franken called for more scrutiny of companies that he said should not have the monopolistic power to choose what content gets disseminated and which content does not.  I suppose he would rather government social media cops have that power instead.  You see, he’s not against monopolies, he’s just against free market monopolies, even though they lack the real fire power of the government ones.

Franken stated, “It is incumbent upon us to ask the broader questions. How did big tech come to control so many aspects of our lives? How is it using our personal information to strengthen its reach and its bottom line? Are these companies engaging in anticompetitive behavior that restricts the free flow of information and commerce?”

It is incumbent upon me to apply a de-gov application of that statement.  So I think I will:
“It really ticks me off that it looks like something that we government goons don’t control has almost as much power to manipulate the lives of the sheep that we do.  Those are OUR sheep, and that is UNACCEPTABLE.  I can’t imagine we can’t find some technical regulation or law that these people are surely violating, anything we can do to justify worming our way into their affairs so that WE can once again assume TOTAL control over the thoughts and the actions of the sheep we require to live the lives we have grown accustomed to.”
There, Al, I fixed your Govspeak for you.

But he continued, not realizing how hypocritical he sounded, since he does, after all, represent the most powerful, the most ruthless, the most lethal monopolistic enterprise in America, the government of the United States, “No one company should have the power to pick and choose which content reaches consumers and which doesn’t.  And Facebook, Google, and Amazon – like ISPs – should be ‘neutral’ in their treatment of the flow of lawful information and commerce on their platforms.”

Finally, the two-bit manager wanna-be big bit manager concluded, “It doesn’t require an antitrust lawyer to understand that these companies’ dominance in the market of information gives them tremendous power to dictate terms with journalists, publishers, and authors and to control the information available to consumers.”

Tell you what Al, when you’re ready to talk about busting up the monopoly of the coercive enterprise that is known as the Federal government of the United States of America, a monopolistic enterprise you openly and unapologetically support and benefit from in ways that we mere non-govies can never dream of enjoying, then we can talk about busting up the social media monopolies.

Until then, you’re bad enough, you’re dumb enough, and doggonit, people fear your government guns.

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