Alt Media Headlines – April 20th, 2018

What Happens When an MBA Student Raised in Communist China Reads Hayek
Lawrence W. Reed on the Erosion of Character and the Loss of Liberty
This Italian Catholic Priest Was a Great Scholar of Liberty
What Do Google and Facebook Have on You?
First Genetically Modified Humans?
The Real Neocon Plan for Syria
Michigan School Says Trucks With Confederate Flags Were ‘Potentially Threatened’
Proceed With Extreme Caution: “There Are So Many Black Swans Flying Around That One May Smash Into The Other… And We’re Off To The Races”
An Overview of Second-Order Logical Problems – The Zeroth Position – Zeroth Position
DOJ Caves, Will Hand Over Comey Memos Later Today
Rosenstein Told Trump He Is Not The Target Of Mueller’s Probe
Soros’ Open Society Foundation Closing Budapest Office, Moving To Berlin
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