American Youth Reject More Gun Control Laws, Despite All the Rallies

After all the bluster and shrill cries and awkward fascist-like fist pumps of the Youth Supremacist Rallies demanding the state control more of our lives, after all the millions of dollars being pumped in by the one percent of the one percent that see a real advantage in empowering the state that protects their businesses from competition, it seems the gun grabbing, Cattle Car Guide in Waiting Clubs have failed to win over the key demographic the billionaires have been attempting to use as human shields.
After Parkland, after the rallies, less than half of the kids from the ages of 13-17 actually favor more gun control laws, according to a USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll. Yeah. Good luck, gun grabbers, you still have a lot of work to do. And you haven’t even gotten to the hard part, collecting the guns from millions of pissed-off gun owners.


Poll: Fewer Than 50 Percent Of Young People Support More Gun Control Laws

A USA TODAY/Ipsos poll taken after the Parkland shooting found fewer than half of students 13 to 17 think tightening gun laws and background checks would prevent mass shootings. The Pew Research Center, in an April 2017 poll, found 39% of people 18-29 said protecting gun rights is of chief importance. Compare that to 58% who favor gun control.

Pro-gun high school students told USA TODAY the school shooting problem is complex, but they maintain guns aren’t the problem. They say more can be done as it relates to school security, mental health and background checks. Some argue those calling for gun control are uninformed about and unfamiliar with firearms.

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