Analysis of a Schizophrenic Gun Grabber Coming to Terms with His Own Fake News

The American political left faces, from their perspective, negative consequences for advancing the fake news narrative that school shootings are an epidemic.
Fake news might help them short-term move the needle towards more docile acceptance of gun confiscation by armed government agents, but, long term, it gives gun supporters ammunition.

From NY Mag

There Is No ‘Epidemic of Mass School Shootings’


…..With their acts of witness and advocacy, the teenage protesters of Parkland, Florida, shook many voters out of their complacency about pervasive gun violence. Upwards of 30,000 people lose their lives to firearms in our nation each year, a level of carnage unparalleled anywhere in the developed world. And yet, last October — just days after the worst mass shooting in American history — only 52 percent of Americans told CNN’s pollsters that they supported “stricter gun laws.”……

If mass school shootings were the only form of gun violence in the United States, the case for treating the regulation of firearms as a pressing policy issue would actually be fairly weak. For the past quarter-century, there has been an average of one mass murder (a killing of four or more people committed with any weapon, as opposed to just firearms) in an American school each year. Every one of those atrocities is a blight on humanity. But it is nearly impossible to design a policy that can bring the incidence of an already exceptionally rare crime down to zero — and given the inherently limited nature of legislative time and resources, it would make little sense to prioritize such a marginal and difficult issue over public health challenges that kill exponentially more people.

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