Anarchy, the Blockchain, and You

Malachy Caldwell, writing in the ICO Examiner, posits the question, is the Blockchain giving Anarchism a new lease on life?

He then offers an example, in the form of BitNation, of how blockchain technology could offer up solutions for anarchists to build communities, virtually, that affords them opportunities to exchange information and value outside of the prying eyes of coercive enterprises.

Next week, on Lulzilla Mystery Theater, Bodhi Agora and I will be talking to a man who is working on a plan, a plan to create a blockchain-based “direct republic” that would eliminate politicians, that would eliminate voting.  If you want a program to exist, you’re going to have to put your money where your moth is to make it happen.

The Bitnation example and Donny Gebert’s idea of a direct republic are just two potential anarchy-building tools that could be empowered by blockchain technology.


Is the Blockchain Giving Anarchism a New Lease of Life?

“Some of us believe various forms of strong cryptography will cause the power of the state to decline, perhaps even collapse fairly abruptly. We believe the expansion into cyberspace, with secure communications, digital money, anonymity and pseudonymity, and other crypto-mediated interactions, will profoundly change the nature of economies and social interactions.”

Those words were written by crypto-anarchist Timothy May a quarter century ago. At the time, in a world which was barely discovering the newly emerging potential of the internet, they appeared to many to have a wishful charm about them. Today they are beginning to appear prophetic.

May was an accomplished software engineer. He was also a committed anarchist, author of the Crypto Anarchist Manifesto, and believed in the ability of technology to bypass existing models of social organisation. Whilst that belief was shared by many others, what set him apart from many of his peers was his belief in the power of cryptography-based technology to also supplant those existing models.

At the time, the idea of a technologically-inspired anarchism appeared far-fetched, including to many committed cypherpunks from within his own circle. Today, with the advent of blockchain technologies, new platforms are now emerging, such as BitNation, which offer individuals the ability to enter voluntarily into new social arrangements with a wider community whose philosophy and values they both share and help to define. It is the very definition of anarchism……

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