Another Journalist Calls for Facebook to Be Regulated to Protect “Our” Democracy

This is a wirewatch to highlight how the narrative is building against Big Social.  We need the powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing government to regulate Big Social to protect our democracy from attack from the Russians.

Why would we trust Facebook to safeguard our democracies?

Imagine this scenario: It’s the 2019 Canadian federal election, and millions of people are sharing an article on Facebook that makes explosive claims about one of the federal party leaders. The article is spreading so quickly that someone at one of the federal parties has contacted Facebook using a dedicated crisis “hotline” and requested that the article, which they claim contains fake information, be taken down.

A team of Facebook employees calls a meeting at the company’s Palo Alto headquarters to discuss the possibility of taking down the offending article, deleting the Facebook page that published it, and even altering the platform’s News Feed algorithm to suppress stories containing similar content. Finally, a group of “content moderation” contractors stationed in Manila receives instructions from Facebook HQ to scrub the platform of all instances of the offending article before anyone else sees or shares it.

Is the article true, but inconvenient for one of the parties? Is it false, but from a reputable outlet? Or is it completely made-up with malicious intent? There’s no way for Canadians to be sure, because this entire process takes place behind closed doors.


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