Anti-Drone Ammo Unveield by Nammo

A company out of Norway has created a type of ammunition it claims can down drones  using radio frequencies to target and destroy drones.  The ammunition is called “airburst.”

It takes the form of a 40mm shell that can be used on AGL systems (Automatic Grenade Launcher).  Here is what the company’s website says about the ammunition:


Neutralizes an enemy hiding behind obstacles.

In combat situations, troops struggle to neutralize an enemy that is hiding behind obstacles to avoid direct fire. Something more than artillery and mortar was required. Nammo has developed an airburst concept that is reliable, secure and effective that will help solve this tactical challenge with an excellent Gunproduct on 40 mm AGL systems.

The Nammo airburst concept incorporates a radio frequency to program the ammunition which has proved to be a reliable concept and easy to integrate on existing weapon platforms in the modern battlefield.

The advantage of Nammo’s airburst solutions are:

  • Very easy to integrate on existing weapon platforms and fire control systems as well as a cost effective solution

  • Reliable programming

  • Accurate airburst position

  • Multiple possibilities for a string of pearls

  • Very low dud rate

Here is a video of the ammunition in use:

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