Anti-EU President Re-Elected in the Czech Republic

The Czech’s have re-elected their anti-EU President Miloš Zeman, much to the fear of the de facto EU heads, Merkel and Macron of Germany and France respectively.

Czech Republic re-elects far-right president Miloš Zeman

Miloš Zeman, the Czech Republic’s populist president, has been narrowly re-elected in a tense contest against a liberal challenger, marking a victory for anti-immigrant, far-right forces in the country and potentially tilting its politics in an anti-western direction.

With more than 99.5% of ballots counted in a second-round presidential runoff, Zeman had a decisive lead over Jiří Drahoš, a trained chemist and former head of the Czech academy of sciences, by a thin but decisive margin of 51.5% to 48.5%.

Zeman, who is a vocal supporter of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and who has promoted ties with China, has called for referendums on the Czech Republic’s membership of the EU and Nato. Drahoš campaigned to strengthen the country’s ties to both organisations.

The outcome followed a campaign in which Zeman, who has carved out a reputation as a fierce critic of Islam, painted his opponent as weak on immigration, an issue that resonates strongly in the central European country, where opposition to the EU’s migrant quota scheme runs high.

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