Anti-Gun Billionaire Has Machine Gun Collection

If you want to understand how it is that billionaires seem willing to promote, at great cost to themselves, empowering the state to take more control over the lives of its citizens, you need look no further than the hypocrite billionaire Mike Fernandez.  This is a billionaire that has thrown his money and his power behind pushing for draconian gun control laws that will target individuals for arrest and confinement.

Why, why would a billionaire want to give the state that kind of power?  Well, it’s easy, the laws that the non-billionaires have to follow, the laws that could potentially get non-billionaires thrown in prison, don’t affect billionaires.  Take the case of this Fernandez fellow, who has built a massive gun collection, which includes machine guns.  He knows full well he has the kind of money that can buy the right kind of indulgences from the state that will allow him to have tools of self-defense that would get his intended victims, all the non-billionaires, thrown into a cage.

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FL Billionaire Collects Machine Guns But Doesn’t Want You to Have Guns

South Florida elitist billionaire Mike Fernandez loves to brag to the rich and powerful about his “colossal” gun collection which includes many machine guns and “assault weapons.”

Some very wealthy people who are business and social friends have been guests in his mansion and have seen his collection. They say he loves to show off what he calls his “colossal” gun collection. They report that he has an unbelievable collection of Class 3 firearms including M16s, belt fed machine guns and so many firearms it’s unbelievable.

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Although Mike Fernandez is known for being one of the biggest donors to Republicans seeking public office, in February when he announced in the media that “I will not give one cent to anyone who does not support major change regarding military-type weapons being sold,” it apparently rattled Republicans who wanted his money.

It has to make makes us wonder how many Republicans voted for the gun control bill (SB-7026) to keep his check book open to them and to Republican leadership. Note: New NRA grades are coming soon for Senate and House Republicans.

Since his money buys him a seat above the law, he must feel safe calling for gun control and banning the guns of honest, hardworking, law-abiding citizens who share our country with him.

This is the same Miguel “Mike” Fernandez who fled Cuba as a boy and immigrated to America to get away from Fidel Castro’s Cuba. He probably doesn’t want to remember that one of the first things Castro did when he came to power was confiscate all citizen owned guns. Then he took their property, their wealth, their freedom and their dignity – creating the ultimate “gun-free zone.

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