Anti-Gun Culture it to Blame for Gun Violence

On one hand, “we” have created a culture of gun fear, meaning most people are not brought up becoming familiar with guns, how to use them responsibly, their limitations, basic gun ethics.
On the other hand, these same people can go out and buy guns when they get old enough, but lack the basic understanding and discipline to actually be ‘responsible’ gun owners.
The “fix” is to destroy the anti-gun culture, and see a next generation of well-trained gun owners who don’t look at guns as Superman-making tools, and treat them as the deadly tools they are.
Even with all of that said, the actual “gun violence” that occurs in this country is incredibly over-exaggerated, while the benefits of gun ownership, the lives guns have saved, are grossly under-reported.
It is frustrating, though, to see the heroic claims made by gun advocates that imagine that a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun. Many times, he can’t, and sometimes he might do more harm than good.
I know for me, the reasons I might pull a gun are slim to damn near none.
I mean, even if I’m being held up, unless someone is going to take something from me that is critical to my life, or unless they are trying to take my gun (assuming they know I have one), I’m not pulling a gun to potentially kill someone for robbing me.
Gun Ownership without gun responsibility and a HEALTHY DOSE of respect for human life is dangerous, but not nearly as dangerous as having a state own all the guns.

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