Anti-Gun Red Flag Laws Are Just Star Chambers, Warns Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America’s legislative counsel, Michael Hammond, is issuing a warning that so-called red-flag anti-gun laws are nothing more than star chambers designed to confiscate guns from people without due process.
Red-flag laws are laws that grant judges the power to order guns confiscated from people based purely on the unsubstantiated claims of neighbors, family members, and ‘officials’ that a person is at risk to themselves or others. Oregon and Washington were the first states to pass such laws, with Florida following after the Parkland shooting. Now, more states, and even municipalities, are considering similar type laws.
One other aspect of the Red-flag laws not covered by the GOA statement is that they subliminally train people to accept the notion that the state can confiscate guns from people who have not been found, through due process, to have demonstrated they actually ARE a risk to themselves or others (never mind how the state finitely defines what it means to be a risk to yourself or to others).


2nd Amendment defenders warn of ‘star chamber’ gun control

…..the advocacy group Gun Owners of America is warning the newest push is a danger.

The move is described by Michael Hammond, the group’s legislative counsel, as “probably the single biggest LEGISLATIVE threat to the Second Amendment.”

“These Gun Confiscation Orders would allow police or angry relatives to convene a secret star-chamber proceeding and get permission to ransack your house and seize your guns without any due process whatsoever,” he said. “And if you resist, they are authorized to arrest, or even shoot, you and your family.”

He said Second Amendment opponents are trying to call the plans “red-flag laws” or “extreme violence protective orders.”

“Gun Confiscation Orders gained traction in California and the Left Coast as the most recent, and most extreme, form of gun control,” he said. “Although the various proposals differ in details, they all follow a pattern.

“Police or an angry relative can convene an Orwellian SECRET hearing to secure an order to confiscate your guns,” he said.

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