Apple Being Investigated by DOJ Over Slowed-Down iPhones

Now that Apple has admitted it has slowed down older iPhones to get people to buy newer ones, the US Department of Justice is investigating the company over potential “‘wrongdoing.”

The US is investigating Apple over its updates to slow older iPhones

The US Department of Justice is privately probing Apple to determine whether it violated securities laws in its disclosure of an update to its mobile operating system that slows down performance on older iPhones, Bloomberg reports. The revelation comes in the run-up to Apple’s quarterly earnings on Thursday (Feb. 1) and amid pressure on the company’s shares from reports of lower-than-expected iPhone X sales.

Thus far, the government has only requested information from the company, Bloomberg’s sources said, and the probe, in its early stages, may not lead to enforcement. Still, company shares dipped 1.9% to $164.70 in the early afternoon. Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

Last year, a discussion on Reddit spurred John Poole, the founder of computer-monitoring software company Geekbench, to research whether Apple was intentionally downgrading processor performance on iPhones with older batteries. On Dec. 20, Apple confirmed that it did indeed program slowdowns without customer knowledge.

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