Aquaponics and IoT Meet under One Greenhouse

KnowThing,”writing for, shares some of his experience running a highly connected aquaponics greenhouse system for his wife’s farm, FunkNFresh.  Here is a little excerpt, but do go read the full article to get a look into how someone is merging the Internet of Things with Aquaponics in ways that will make the whole system more effective.

Lessons from Running an IoT-Driven Aquaponics Greenhouse

In addition to running KnowThings, I have the privilege of being the CTO/Lead Engineer/ Lead QA Engineer for my wife’s farm, FunkNFresh Farms. CTO? Lead Engineer you ask? Well FunkNFresh Farms grows crops and farmed catfish using a method called aquaponics.

The basics of aquaponics are simply, you raise fish in a pond or tank. The fish eat and excrete in the water which is then fed to hydroponically grown vegetables that use the fish waste as nutrients and purify the water to keep the fish happy.

While high technology and instrumentation are not exactly required for aquaponics, the controlled mini ecosystem you have to create, and the potential for year round crop production, leaves a tremendous opportunity for optimization of the greenhouse through instrumentation, data collection and automated actions.

Currently, our greenhouse is an IoT device, which measures and reports on the water temperature, the ambient lighting and the pH of the water. It also has a passive solar heater attached to the greenhouse, as temperature is one of the first optimization factors I can bring into play. Full Disclosure: The water heater is not currently being driven by the device, I am installing that next week.


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