Aquatic Drone Could Create Drone Rentals For Operators Thousands of Miles Away

A new aquatic drone by Aquabotix is promising to change the underwater drone market.  With Live Remote-Control Integration that can be run from any browser-based modem device, aquatic drone operators can take their turn operating drones on the other side of the world.  The product could potentially create a whole new market for researchers and virtual tourists alike who could rent a drone from thousands of miles away.

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While most drone companies look to the skies for success, aquatic drones are diving into new depths of innovation:

  • At CES 2017, PowerVision Robot Corporation unveiled the PowerRay, an underwater drone designed to improve freshwater, saltwater or ice fishing for both casual and recreational anglers.
  • Last year, Fathom, a Michigan-based start-up, launched development of an aquatic, football-shaped drone with a model that can connect with a smart device to gather video or images underwater.
  • In 2015, Search Systems Ltd., a leading UAV manufacturer in the UK, developed the Mariner 600, an unmanned multicopter with aquatic landing capability and interchangeable aerial and marine camera views.

Last week, Australian start-up Aquabotix made some fresh waves with the launch of new feature to its flagship aquatic line, Live Remote Control. The package empowers users to pilot the Endura ROV, Hybrid AUV/ROV and Aqua Lens Connect, a networked underwater camera system, from any web browser-equipped device remotely from any location.

“With Live Remote Control, any browser-based modern device can now interact with our system,” Aquabotix CEO Durval Tavares said in a press release.

“Having our customers operate unmanned systems underwater in a live, immediate fashion, from anywhere in the world, is a game-changer for the underwater robotics industry. Advances in underwater unmanned systems typically lag those in the aerial domain by several years.”

“For example, the operator could be sitting in the head-office in Norway, and controlling an Endura in a fish net at an aquaculture farm off the coast of Chile, thousands of miles away.”

Offering collaboration among multiple team members, Live Remote Control will reduce the need for more expensive, manned, on-site visits – saving money and providing added safety.

“Driving an underwater vehicle through a web browser previously seemed impossible,” said Ted Curley, Chief Development Officer of Aquabotix. “Live Remote Control now changes the timeline for how underwater processes can be accomplished both on land and under the sea.”

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