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Felony Friday 101 – Arcane Rules Sent a Child Welfare Business Owner to Prison

On today’s show Dr. Cassandra Little joins host John Odermatt to share her heartbreaking story of injustice. Dr. Cassandra Little had dedicated her life to helping the most vulnerable in society by operating several group home to house and care for youths. Dr. Little found herself the subject of an investigation by the IRS and Medicaid Fraud Unit, which began in 2010. She was indicted in 2013 on 38 counts of healthcare fraud and money laundering.

Dr. Little was essentially legally forced to plead guilty to the original indictment for 38 counts of fraud and money laundering. In the end the guilty plea ended in a sentence of 33 month of incarceration in a Federal Prison Camp which began on October 14, 2013. On September 8, 2015 Dr. Little was released to a halfway house in San Francisco.

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Read Cassandra’s blog The Felonious PhD, which she wrote before, during and after her time in prison.

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