Are You The Prepper You Think You Are?

How are you doing in your prepper work?  Does your approach reflect someone who really knows what they’re doing?  Or do you think you know more than your really know?  Pat McLene of offers some challenging thoughts and questions to help you assess just how much you really know about prepping.

Think you’re an expert prepper? Think again

All the prepper toys and experience in the world won’t do you much good if you’re physically incapable of taking advantage of those toys or that experience at need.

So run a little test. Imagine your favorite end-of-the-world scenario. Tell yourself that if you can get down to the grocery store parking lot five blocks away from your house, you’ll be saved…but only if you can get there on foot and in the next 10 minutes. No problem, right? Go ahead, give it a try.

Oh, but don’t forget: you’ve got to carry your bug-out bag, your baby daughter, and the guns and ammo of your choice. How’s that working for you?

Getting into reasonable shape is simply a good idea no matter what comes your way. You’ll feel better, look better, be capable of handling stress better, and be healthier to boot. And in the event of a catastrophe, the difference between life and death might be determined by the simple ability to do a single pull up…or being able to run five blocks carrying your child.

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