Are You the Slave-Maker Ant, the Forager Ant, or Something New?

Guest Article from Victor Hemmings

What Slave-Maker Ants Tell us About Human Reality in the 21st Century

If you look hard enough, you can find similarities between our species and just about any other animal. Nature shares many forms. Some, though, share similarities with us that tend to stand out more than others. A few of which, and what this article will be focusing on, are the slave maker ants and their foraging slave ants.

Slave maker ants are brood parasites, organisms that rely on others to raise their young. While many modern humans tend to send their children off to schools to be taught, that is not what we’re getting at here.  To set the context, let’s take a closer look into the lives of slave maker ants, and their “slaves”:

Slave maker ants are species of ants that have physically adapted to require the subjugation of a different species of forager ant to survive. Slave maker ants must find a species of forager ant, steal their eggs (though sometimes also their young), bring them back to their own nest, and force them to forage food for them for the rest of their lives.

The forager (now slave) ants that were born into the nest will grow up believing their slavery is duty. It will be normal to them, and the routine and cycle will repeat, serving a queen and colony of an entirely different species of ants, unnaturally (for the slave species) and indefinitely.

Now, one could argue that “natural” slavery of one species for the benefit of another could be equated to physically forced human to human multi-race slavery. But, while there certainly is correlation, this is still not quite what I’m getting at.

While human to human multi-race slavery certainly can create a “normal” feeling of “duty” for members of the slave race if they’re born into it, it is typically such an uncomfortable and physically abusive life that it is never widely accepted as “normal.” Unease is typically always present, and humans (along with just about every other species) act to remove felt unease.

The connection of slave maker ants and humans that we’re making is one of which the majority of humans still can’t quite grasp, and relevantly so: The subjugation of the ruled class by the ruling class.

Now, while the first and probably most obvious difference in this example is the fact that the ants are two, sometimes three different species, humans of the ruling class typically live almost entirely different lives, with entirely different goals than that of the ruled class, separating them from each other quite distinctly.

Most human beings, particularly statists in the West, tend see the world that’s been set up for them with rose-colored glasses. They send their children to state schools while trusting the state’s curriculums to turn their children into responsible, productive members of a progressive society where they will succeed and live comfortable lives.

While they may do all of those things, despite the ever-growing odds that they won’t actually succeed in achieving these goals, they will also be coerced into feeding the slave maker ants of our society.  And, like the forager ants, they will do so through a compulsion, or, if you will, a sense of “duty.”

You see, much like the slave maker ant/foraging slave ant relationship, the slave humans are “hatched” into a self-serving, ruling-class-fabricated world where these slave maker humans not only benefit, but actually require the slaves’ services to live the luxurious lives they live, all under the guise of necessity, of duty, and of normalcy.

It all sustains itself by targeting the beginning of the slave’s life and their underdeveloped minds. The ruling class sees things no different than the slave maker ants do: “Get ’em while they’re young.”

Stealing the eggs and the young of the forager ants is no different than stealing the minds of young human children; for the benefit and sustenance of their rulers. Early on, state schooling conducts obedience to authority training and uses regular rituals like pledging allegiance to their “gang cloth.”

Outside of the state schools, the media picks up the ball through the use of advertisements, offering shiny products, and creating slave-maker and slave-accepting reinforcing forms of entertainment.

Some of the fruit of the success of their efforts can be seen in the nationalist gospel of previously brainwashed generations, and how they transfer these “values” to the next generation.  The culture of the forager ant in human form is now, and has been for quite some time, the “norm.”

Now, there are obvious differences of course. The ruling class of humans are not physically stealing pregnant women for their young and bringing them back to their homes. They’re not physically adapting and evolving to catching these pregnant women more easily by growing red, white and blue pinchers, though that would be funny (albeit mildly frightening) as all hell.

So, while humans are certainly not at the same stage of multiple physical species development that ants are, they are both of nature, and one trend in nature is very consistent, the constant attempt to remove as much felt unease as possible.

It’s why we eat. It’s why we drink. It’s why we sleep. It’s why we seek pleasure. It’s why we act in countless ways. It’s basically synonymous with self-preservation. To remove felt unease is to naturally attempt to make our lives easier, and I’d imagine everybody generally wants that in one form or another, both physically and mentally (with some exceptions).

While I’m sure the ruling class could figure out how to feed themselves without the ruled (or maybe I’m giving them too much credit), they indoctrinate for other (hopefully obvious) selfish reason.  What they need is a culture of forager ants that accept certain conditions on life that, normally, would go against the very nature of individuals seeking the path to the greatest unease possible.

They utilize extorted “taxpayer” money basically however they please, while “giving” very little of what they take back via (usually subpar quality) services.  This is unpunished theft.

To be able to kill for resources and/or other motives, they call it “war.”  This is unpunished murder.

To be able to protect the interests of the Slave Maker Ants, the Ruling Class, they need to create “laws” that punish forager ants that have become slave ants (you and I) for even ATTEMPTING to take actions that might harm the interests of the Slave Maker Ants, the Ruling Class.


This is not a comprehensive list, but it hits on a few key tactics of the Slave Maker Ants, the Ruling Class.

Now, this isn’t an attempt to give the ruling class any sort of excuse to do the things they do, of course. Just because it’s natural to seek to eliminate unease to the point of selfishness doesn’t mean it won’t eventually come without consequence from those it effects so negatively.

While ants are probably much more intelligent than most people give them credit for, in the case of the slave maker/forager slave ant relationship, they are much more easily influenced and kept “under rule” than the more intelligent human beings, or so I’d like to think.

If it was possible to reason with the forager slave ants and tell them that what they were born into was completely unnatural (for their species,) and that a happier life could and should be lived, I can only imagine that some would recognize their slavery, in much the same way human African slaves born in the early 19th century slavery would, and did.

The slave maker ants were not always the ones making the slaves.  At one point, they, too, were a forager species. This was an evolutionary process that took such a long time that it literally changed their physical anatomy and the thought processes they’re now born with. Somewhere along the way, it was easier for the species to “forage” slaves than to forage their own food.

This also supports the recent theory that humans will eventually split off into two physically different species; an ugly, dumb, working class slave species and an attractive, intelligent, ruling class species. Like I previously stated, these two ways of life are very different from one another, something that eventually creates physical, evolutionary differences over massive amounts of time. And, despite the massive amount of time that sort of thing takes, the framework for the “split” may already be taking shape.

But, despite that theory, and despite the fact that we are still the same species as our (self-declared) “masters,” the majority of us subjugated humans seem to be going right along with their plan. We are the forager slave ants, letting them use us, pick through us, brainwash us & even kill us on a massive scale, and they do it because it is easier for them to use us than to be us.

The best thing about it is that we can change that. We are not physically imprisoned like the forager ants, at least not yet, and probably not for a few millennia.  All we have to do is choose, and the day we make it harder for them to live their current lives than to live our much more peaceful lives, is the day we evolve as a species.

The “evolution” begins with the individuals who understand the coercive, violent relationship we’re “hatched” into, and ends when we all understand.