Why Aren’t Libertarians Embracing Cody Wilson?

Cody Wilson, self-described crypto-anarchist, gets a profile feature in 71republic.  The article highlights who Cody Wilson is, the philosophy behind what he does, the resistance he receives, and asks the question, why aren’t libertarians more fully embracing and supporting him?

The Most Dangerous Man In America: Cody Wilson, 3-D Printing & The Second Amendment

Wilson describes himself as a crypto-anarchist and his activism is reminiscent of some of the deep philosophers of the libertarian movement. As a law student at the University of Texas, Wilson published digital blueprints for a 3-D printable handgun he coined The Liberator. Within two days The Liberator blueprints were downloaded over 100,000 times instantly making him one of the most successful libertarian activists of the past half-century and a focal point for anti-gun activists and government watchdogs alike. The Statist Department Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance (oof) claimed Wilson was in violation of the international exportation of unapproved guns and demanded the blueprints be taken down. Combining the agorist principles of Samuel Konkin with the free market, fuck you mentality of Ross Ulbricht, Wilson is striving to inform Americans how they can individually participate in a counter-economic action to take their God-given rights back from the paternalistic state. When asked about his ideas of distributing free gun blueprints, Wilson replied with the philosophical with of Konkin:
Unsurprisingly, Wilson has been met with social backlash and government roadblocks at every single turn. From an ideological standpoint, opponents argue that soaring gun violence in the country should be met with less access to guns, not more. From a legal standpoint, the dissemination of free information (blueprints) has been challenged as a breach of gun trafficking laws by ITAR (https://gun.laws.com/itar) and Wilson has incurred millions of dollars in legal fees in defense. From a cultural standpoint, Wilson is often battered and treated like a juvenile punk by a biased media and day walking society that are hell-bent on reducing the second amendment rights of Americans. And from a simple manufacturing g standpoint Wilson has been threatened with legal recourse by 3-D printing companies (3-D Printing Company Seizes Machine)) who have refused to allow him to use of their machines as a protest of his ideas in favor of freedom and gun rights.

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