As Gun Fear Tactics Increase, More People Choose Homeschooling

The tactic of using psychological terrorism against kids and their parents to win gun grabber converts is having an unintended consequence as more and more parents are choosing homeschooling rather than risk sending their kids to “dangerous” schools.


Homeschool rates rise alongside school shooting increase

 In the 19 years since the deadly shooting at Columbine High School, homeschool rates have gone up 4% across the country. A homeschool community in Aiken is seeing double the enrollment numbers from this year to next.

But, we found, it’s difficult to point to just one reason for that increase.

Once a week, a group of home-schooled students in Aiken gather through the program, called Classical Conversations.

“We get to play and we learn and we make new friends,” say siblings Victoria and Joel Hochstetler.

Amy Derrickson is the director of the group and a mom of four.

“I always said I would never be a teacher. I had no interest in it whatsoever,” said Derrickson. “I wanted time with my son. I was handing him over for the bulk of the day and then I was getting what was left over of that time.”

Her list of reasons to homeschool her children has grown over the years, and she has found that’s the case for most homeschool families.


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