Assad, Rojava, in Talks to Form Direct Military Alliance Against TurkReich

While I have seen this report in multiple sources, the finality of the report still seems in doubt.  Still, the fact that the Assad regime is actually in talks (that much is confirmed) with the Rojavans about coming to the aid militarily, directly, to defend a region of Rojava, Afrin, from the invading TurchReich, speaks volumes about the chaotic state of affairs in Syria.  Here’s hoping the deal is struck and finalized.
The Rojavans, so far, have shown themselves to be sophisticated pragmatists as they’ve managed the minefield of being surrounded by coercive enterprises while continuing with their experiment in statelessness.  It is this fact that leads me to believe if there IS a deal to be made, the Rojavans will pragmatically find it and make that deal.

Syrian Kurdish official: deal for Syrian army to enter Afrin

Badran Jia Kurd, an adviser to the Kurdish-led administration in northern Syria, told Reuters army troops would deploy along some border positions and could enter the region within the next two days.

The deal underscores the increasingly tangled battlefield in northern Syria, driven by a web of rivalries and alliances among Kurdish forces, the Syrian government, rebel factions, Turkey, the United States and Russia……

Although Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government and the YPG have mostly avoided direct conflict, they have occasionally clashed and they espouse utterly different visions for Syria’s future.

While both have at times suggested a long-term agreement between them might be possible, Assad says he wants to take back the whole country.

Jia Kurd said the agreement with Damascus on Afrin was purely military and included no wider political arrangements.

“When it comes to the political and administrative matters in the region, it will be agreed upon with Damascus in the later stages through direct negotiations and discussions,” he said.


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